Big Meech’s Wife Dies! A Shocking Update 

Big Meech's Wife Dies

Mia Ferguson, who is married to Big Meech, has made it clear that they are still a couple despite facing some tough times lately. Some news said she wanted a divorce, but there’s no proof in court papers. Also, no trustworthy sources say she passed away while he was in prison since 2011.

Furthermore, there haven’t been any reliable reports suggesting that anything unfortunate happened to Big Meech’s wife while they were apart over the past few years. This makes sense because her husband has been visiting her regularly ever since he started serving his sentence in Georgia State Prison in Reidsville back in 2011. Their relationship seems to be holding strong despite the challenges they’ve faced.

Who is Big Meech?

Who is Big Meech

Anthony Darnell, known as “Big Meech” Melton, was born on December 6, 1968. Currently, he remains a fugitive from justice. The Black Mafia Family (BMF) was characterized by Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Hogan as one of the most violent criminal gangs in America. They were responsible for over 20 murders between 2006 and 2009 alone.

In addition to their violent activities, BMF members were deeply involved in drug trafficking during that period. Federal authorities estimated that they controlled two-thirds of the crack cocaine sales nationwide, with members generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue each year. 

Notably, during their investigations, federal authorities discovered $1 million in cash simply left lying around inside an Atlanta mansion utilized by BMF members.

What Was Big Meech’s Career, Profession, and Lifestyle?

Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and his brother Terry Flenory founded the Blood Money Family (BMF) in 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia. Initially, BMF started as a street gang and a drug organization.

The group gained notoriety because of accusations that they operated a large illegal drug trafficking business with earnings in the millions. 

Moreover, they were also linked to violent acts, including murder, and were known for their extravagant lifestyle, which included buying luxury cars, spacious homes, and expensive jewelry.

Following a two-year investigation into Flenory’s activities, he was arrested in April 2008 and later sentenced to six years in prison for his crimes. During his time in the music industry, he independently released five albums under his label BME Recordings, achieving a total sales figure of approximately one million albums. In 2015, Big Meech announced his retirement from the hip-hop music scene. He briefly returned to rap in 2017 but soon decided to retire indefinitely to focus on his family life.

What Big Meech Do?

Big Meech’s wife helped him get better by showing him how to live a healthier life without drugs or alcohol. She helped him find new ways to build a better life and deal with his feelings.

When someone is dealing with addiction, it’s important to create a life that doesn’t depend on drugs or alcohol. To do this, there are different things you can try. One way is to discover new activities or hobbies to replace the old habits your loved one had.

You can help your loved one by introducing them to new activities like yoga, cooking classes, or rock climbing if they used to drink or do drugs. You can also encourage them to focus on things they enjoy that don’t involve drugs. If they have an interest in writing or painting, supporting them in pursuing these hobbies can give them joy without relying on alcohol or drugs.

Living a healthy life is crucial for both the person struggling with addiction and their loved ones. When your loved one sees how much better life is without drugs or alcohol, it can inspire them to make positive changes. Eating well and staying active, if they’re able to, are also important parts of a healthy lifestyle.

Lastly, it’s important to find healthy ways to deal with emotions instead of turning to drugs or alcohol. Some healthy ways to manage emotions include going for a run or practicing meditation.

Building a New Life

Avoiding things that can make someone want to use drugs can be really hard for someone fighting addiction. These are situations, actions, or places that can make them want to use drugs again. 

Your loved one might need help finding new places to go or things to do that don’t trigger their cravings. You can make a list of what makes them want to use drugs and then think of other ways to stay away from those triggers. 

Some people find it helpful to completely stay away from alcohol and drugs because they’re scared of going back to their 

old habits.

Healthy Living

What Big Meech Do

There are several ways to help someone fight drug addiction, and one of them is by promoting a healthy lifestyle. This means eating well and staying physically active. When you do this, your loved one might find they have less interest in drugs or don’t crave the high they used to.

You can also support them in eating healthy by choosing nutritious meals. For example, you can cook meals at home instead of going to fast-food places. 

Having healthy snacks at home can also help prevent them from eating unhealthy junk food, which could lead to a relapse into drug use. Staying active is another way to help in the battle against substance misuse.

Find an Outlet for Emotions

Feeling anxious, worried, or upset often leads to addictive behavior. When life doesn’t seem to be going well, some people turn to harmful substances or activities they’re addicted to for relief. To break this cycle, finding a healthy way to deal with these emotions is important.

In the case of Big Meech’s marriage, things took a turn when his wife discovered he was cheating on her. She realized that if they didn’t address the problem, it would only get worse. But she also understood that her husband needed a different way to cope with his emotions instead of turning to drugs and alcohol. So, she suggested he start exercising. Now, he has a new goal: improving his physical fitness.


Does he have a partner to live with?

There was a persistent rumor that Mary Beth McDade was floating around on the internet.

Is he gay?

On the basis of two crucial pieces of evidence, it is commonly suspected that Meach is gay. The first of these is that sources close to Birdman have said that Baby authorized Kevin Gates (previously Lil Boosie) to pop [Meech] upside his head with my gun exactly like I popped you are [Drake].

What genres of music did he often enjoy listening to?

The evidence suggests that Baker was paid for songs such as Young Money’s “Every Girl,” despite the fact that he was neither featured on the recordings nor given credit for his contributions.

Prosecutors from the federal government think that illegal sales accounted for more than half of BMF’s income.

Do you know how many children he had?

Despite the fact that Meech and his wife do not have any biological children together, the couple has three boys together, two of whom are known as Meek Mill and Omari O-Dog Burks.


In summary, Mia Ferguson’s relationship with Big Meech appears to be intact and strong despite recent challenges. There is no evidence of divorce or any tragic events involving Mia Ferguson while her husband, Big Meech, has been incarcerated since 2011. 

Big Meech has been regularly visiting her, which indicates their commitment to maintaining their relationship. Overall, their enduring connection is a testament to their resilience and dedication to each other.