New Zealand vs. UK! Exploring Land Mass Differences

New Zealand vs. UK

New Zealand is indeed larger in land area compared to the United Kingdom, with New Zealand covering approximately 267,710 square kilometers, making it about 10% larger than the United Kingdom, which has an area of approximately 243,610 square kilometers.

Additionally, the population of the United Kingdom is larger, with approximately 67.8 million people, while New Zealand has a smaller population with around 5.1 million people.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, often called the UK, is a country made up of four parts: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It’s located in Europe and has a capital city, London. It has a king or queen but is mainly run by elected leaders. It’s known for its strong economy, famous authors like Shakespeare, and famous bands like The Beatles. 

Also, it provides healthcare for its people through the National Health Service (NHS). It’s a diverse place with many people from different backgrounds, and it’s famous for its historic sites and landmarks, like castles and palaces.

New Zealand

New Zealand

It is a lovely island country in the Pacific Ocean. It’s famous for its beautiful nature, including mountains and beaches. The capital is Wellington, and the people there have a government with a king or queen and a leader. 

Further, it has a rich culture influenced by Māori and European traditions. They have a good economy, especially in farming and tourism. The country also values the environment and takes care of its unique plants and animals. Kiwis, the people of New Zealand, are known for being friendly and welcoming to visitors. It’s a great place to explore nature and have adventures.


United KingdomNew Zealand
Life Expectancy (Males)Ø 79 yearsØ 81 years
Life Expectancy (Females)Ø 83 yearsØ 84 years
Average AgeØ 40.6 yearsØ 37.2 years
Birth Rate10.10 ‰11.48 ‰
Death Rate9.70 ‰6.83 ‰
Migration Rate3.02 ‰7.46 ‰

Quality of Life

United KingdomNew Zealand
Political Stability7590
Civil Rights90100
Cost of Living3228


United KingdomNew Zealand
CurrencySterling pound (1 GBP = 100 Pence)New Zealand dollar (1 NZD = 100 Cents)
Unemployment Rate3.6%3.3%
Inflation Rate7.92%7.17%
Cost of Living (USA = 100%)98.52%101.39%
Commercial Taxes and Contributions30.60%34.60%
Average Income$48,890$48,460
Central Government Debt (% of GDP)102.97%50.84%
Corruption Index27 (good)13 (good)

Economic Indicators

GBR (UK) TotalGBR (UK) per 1000 inhabitantsNZL (New Zealand) TotalNZL (New Zealand) per 1000 inhabitants
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)$3,070,668 M$45.85 M$247,234 M$48.25 M
Gross National Product (GNP)$3,273,921 M$48.89 M$248,333 M$48.46 M
Exported Goods$1,001,419 M$14.95 M$57,462 M$11.21 M
Imported Goods$1,112,705 M$16.61 M$70,943 M$13.84 M


GBR (UK) TotalGBR (UK) per 1000 inhabitantsNZL (New Zealand) TotalNZL (New Zealand) per 1000 inhabitants
Roadways424,129 km6.33 km96,817 km18.89 km
Railways16,390 km0.24 km4,128 km0.81 km
Passenger Airports580.0009280.0055

Energy Balance

GBR (UK) TotalGBR (UK) per 1000 inhabitantsNZL (New Zealand) TotalNZL (New Zealand) per 1000 inhabitants
Production Capacity991.22 bn kWh14.80 m kWh84.23 bn kWh16.44 m kWh
Energy Consumption289.69 bn kWh4.33 m kWh41.17 bn kWh8.03 m kWh
Energy Production299.52 bn kWh4.47 m kWh43.43 bn kWh8.47 m kWh
CO2 Emissions308.65 m t4,608.69 t31.36 m t6,120.04 t


United KingdomNew Zealand
International Dialing Code+44+64
GBR (UK) TotalGBR (UK) per 1000 inhabitantsNZL (New Zealand) TotalNZL (New Zealand) per 1000 inhabitants
Mobile Cellulars79,773,00011915,846,0001141
Internet Users64,748,1199674,914,535959
Broadband Internet27,821,0004151,801,118351

Healthcare System

United KingdomNew Zealand
Hospital Beds per 1000 Inhabitants2.462.57
Physicians per 1000 Inhabitants2.813.03
Tuberculosis0.06 ‰0.07 ‰
Tuberculosis Cure Rate78.0%89.0%


United KingdomNew Zealand
Daytime Temperatures (°C)12.917.5
Nighttime Temperatures (°C)7.09.1
Relative Humidity85%82%
Rain Days13.010.6
Sunshine Hours per Day3.85.8


United KingdomNew Zealand
Te Reo Māorin/a3.5%
Kymri (Welsh)0.9%n/a


United KingdomNew Zealand
State ReligionEngland: Church of England (Anglican), Scotland: Church of Scotland (Calvinist)None


Is it better to live in New Zealand or the UK?

No,New Zealand is often considered to offer a better work-life balance, a more favorable climate, and a culture that emphasizes openness, acceptance, and equality.

Is Scotland bigger than New Zealand?

No, New Zealand is considerably larger than Scotland and even slightly larger than the entire United Kingdom.

Is the USA bigger than New Zealand?

Yes, the USA is significantly larger than New Zealand, with a land area that is more than 3500% larger.

Is Canada or New Zealand bigger?

Yes,Canada is much larger than New Zealand, approximately 37 times in terms of land area, with a significantly larger population as well.

Is tax higher in NZ or UK?

Yes,Tax rates in New Zealand tend to be more favorable for higher incomes, while the UK offers a tax-free allowance for lower incomes. Consulting a tax advisor is advisable for understanding tax structures.

Is food cheaper in the UK or NZ?

No, Food prices can vary, but recent comparisons have shown that groceries in New Zealand can be more expensive than in the UK and some other parts of the world.

Is New Zealand colder than England?

No, New Zealand generally has milder winters and warmer summers than the UK, with regional variations. Rainfall in New Zealand is comparable to or higher than in the UK.

Is New Zealand bigger than the UK?

No, New Zealand is not bigger than the UK.

How big is New Zealand compared to the UK?

New Zealand is smaller in size compared to the UK.

Final Words

In conclusion, New Zealand is indeed larger in land area compared to the United Kingdom. The land area of New Zealand exceeds that of the United Kingdom, making it about 10% larger. 

However, it’s essential to note that while New Zealand is larger in terms of land area, the United Kingdom has a significantly larger population. These differences in size and population contribute to the unique characteristics and qualities of each country.