The Most Popular Colours for Wedding Suits

The Most Popular Colours for Wedding Suits

Selecting the right colour for your wedding suit is a crucial decision that sets the tone for your entire ensemble. From timeless classics to modern trends, there is a myriad of colours to choose from, each offering its unique charm and versatility. Let’s explore some of the most popular colours for wedding suits to help you find the perfect hue for your special day:

  1. Classic Black

Black is the epitome of timeless elegance and sophistication. A classic choice for formal weddings and black-tie events, a black suit exudes refinement and style. Paired with a crisp white shirt and black accessories, such as a bow tie and patent leather shoes, a black suit creates a sleek and polished look that never goes out of fashion.

Best Suited For: Formal evening weddings, black-tie affairs, and traditional settings.

  1. Elegant Navy Blue

Navy blue is a versatile and sophisticated choice for wedding suits. With its rich and deep hue, navy blue exudes a sense of understated luxury and modernity. Whether in a classic two-piece suit or a stylish three-piece ensemble, navy blue pairs beautifully with a variety of shirt colours and accessories, making it a popular choice for both formal and semi-formal weddings.

Best Suited For: Traditional ceremonies, modern affairs, and grooms seeking a timeless yet contemporary look.

  1. Sophisticated Charcoal Grey

Charcoal grey strikes the perfect balance between classic elegance and modern flair. With its deep and versatile shade, charcoal grey suits complement a wide range of wedding themes and colour palettes. Whether in a traditional wool fabric or a lightweight summer blend, a charcoal grey suit exudes sophistication and refinement, making it a popular choice for grooms who appreciate timeless style with a contemporary twist.

Best Suited For: Formal ceremonies, evening receptions, and grooms seeking a polished and refined ensemble.

  1. Stylish Light Grey

Light grey suits are a popular choice for summer weddings and outdoor celebrations. With their soft and airy hue, light grey suits create a fresh and relaxed aesthetic that is perfect for warm-weather occasions. Whether in a lightweight linen or a breathable wool blend, a light grey suit pairs effortlessly with pastel-coloured shirts and accessories, making it an ideal option for couples looking to create a romantic and airy atmosphere on their special day.

Best Suited For: Outdoor ceremonies, garden weddings, and grooms seeking a laid-back yet stylish ensemble.

  1. Romantic Burgundy

Burgundy suits have become increasingly popular for weddings, thanks to their rich and romantic appeal. With its deep and sumptuous hue, burgundy exudes warmth and sophistication, making it an excellent choice for autumn and winter weddings. Whether in a classic velvet dinner jacket or a tailored wool suit, burgundy pairs beautifully with earthy tones and metallic accents, creating a luxurious and romantic ambiance that is perfect for intimate and elegant celebrations.

Best Suited For: Autumnal weddings, winter ceremonies, and couples seeking a rich and opulent atmosphere.


When it comes to choosing the colour of your mens wedding suit, consider factors such as your personal style, wedding theme, and season. Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of a classic black suit, the modern sophistication of a navy blue ensemble, or the romantic allure of a burgundy tuxedo, selecting the right colour sets the tone for your entire wedding ensemble and ensures you look and feel your best on your special day.