Get Bedroom Lighting Right: How to Set a Serene Mood

Get Bedroom Lighting Right: How to Set a Serene Mood

When you understand the numerous lighting options available, you can transform your space greatly. 

The perfect blend of lighting, you can instantly tune your living space into any mood you’d like. Today, we take a closer look at bedroom lighting, and how to set a serene mood as a result of the lighting fixtures you use. With the right information, you can turn your bedroom into a cozy and relaxing space, ideal for sleeping comfortably, with the flip of a switch. 

White most homes have many rooms; the bedroom is one of the spaces that can benefit most from a lighting makeover. 

Here are some tips on how to get that bedroom lighting right, to create a serene mood:

Table Lamps

Table lamps will come in handy in establishing different accents. While they might be small, they are lighting gems perfect for setting the right tone in any space. On top of that, they are also incredibly beautiful and minimalist. 

One of the best things about having table lamps is that they deliver a gentle, welcoming mood which develops a genuine feeling of intimacy and warmth; perfect for any bedroom. Using a set of similar table lamps in your bedroom will give you a low-level gentle mood in your space. 

Additionally, table lamps are suitable for accent lighting. For instance, you can place one on the corner of the room, and the other on the other side, for a cozy, feel-good mood. 

Dimmer Switches 

Feel free to experiment with dimmer switches, as they can help you control the mood and achieve various lighting layers. Besides, it adds to versatility. 

Fitting a few dimmer switches in your bedroom will let you effortlessly switch from one mode to the other, despite the time of day. 

Assess Your Lighting’s Colour Temperature 

When talking about lighting for a serene mood, it is vital that we discuss your bulbs’ colour temperature. 

Light is usually measured in K units, and the high side of this scale are white and cool blue lights, well-known to be more stimulating yet harsher. For this reason, they are excellent to help keep you alert during daytime. 

On the other hand, the warmer accents like yellow, are the most suitable for helping reduce harsh shadows and attain a cosy, serene and comfortable space. 


If you want to use table lamps, you should consider the lampshades. These are essential when establishing the mood of a given space. 

While the décor setting and tone are important, the materials your lampshades are made using can have a huge impact on how light distributes. With the right settings, you can turn your bedroom into a serene, comfy and relaxing space easily. 

For instance, a lampshade made of opaque materials will direct the light down and up as opposed to outwards, which establishes a pleasant pooling impact. On the other hand, a somewhat translucent linen or silk option will create a magnificently gentle, diffused light. 

Wall Lights 

These are flexible lighting forms, and they provide a beautiful atmosphere alternative to typical ceiling bulbs. Moreover, they offer excellent task and ambient lighting, and they are great for establishing a sense of serenity and warmth in your bedroom. 

That said, wall lights have different designs and sizes, from the customary candle sconces to the more modern flush sconces, which add a touch of style to your space. Regarding serene lighting, wall lights are ideal for providing a gentle indirect light. For instance, a couple of up-lights will distribute light up on the wall, highlighting the space and delivering an open mood, while downward facing lights will disburse most of the light down and emphasize the horizontal area. These are excellent choices for a comfortable ambience, even in spacious bedrooms. 

Keep in mind that when you position the wall lights, make sure the top part of the light is placed on eye level. This will be handy in avoiding glare. With that in mind, if you are utilizing wall lights for atmospheric effects, instead of bedside lamps, position them at about shoulder height. 

In Conclusion

Now that you have this handy information, go ahead and transform your bedroom into a serene, comfy and relaxing space. Remember to also consider the tone of the lamps, since they are essential in setting the tone of your bedroom.