Is 120kg Bench Press Good? Bench Press Strength Analysis!

Is 120kg Bench Press Good

The world of weightlifting and strength training is marked by various milestones that enthusiasts aim to achieve. Among these goals, the benchmark of a 120kg bench press stands as a notable accomplishment. But what does it truly signify in the realm of strength and fitness? Is 120kg bench good?

Whether a 120kg bench press is considered “good” depends on several factors, including your fitness goals, training experience, the standards of the strength training community, gender, and age.

Here, you will get to learn more about factors to consider, and Also how much is good for you.  

How Much Should I Bench?

How Much Should I Bench?

 Here are tables displaying average bench press figures for men and women, categorized by age and weight class. The averages are presented in kilograms, which is the unit of measurement in powerlifting competitions. To convert to pounds, simply multiply the number by 2.2. For instance, 81 kg x 2.2 ≈ 178 lbs.

Factors to Consider

  • Fitness Level and Experience:
    • Assess your current level of fitness – whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced lifter.
    • Experience in strength training greatly influences what is considered a good bench press for you personally.
  • Body Weight and Composition:
    • Your body weight has a direct impact on your performance.
    • Relative strength (the weight lifted relative to your body weight) provides a more accurate measure of your strength.
  • Personal Goals:
    • Define your fitness goals – Are you aiming for strength, hypertrophy (muscle growth), or general fitness?
    • Different goals will affect how you perceive the significance of a 120kg bench press.
  • Gender and Age:
    • Gender and age can influence strength levels. It’s important to compare your performance within your demographic group.
  • Training Routine and Technique:
    • Consistency in training and proper technique contribute to improved performance.
    • Progressive overload (gradually increasing weight or reps) is a key principle for strength gains.
  • Comparison to Standards:
    • Research national or international strength standards to gauge where a 120kg stands.
    • Consider benchmarks set by organizations or competitions relevant to your fitness goals.
  • Overall Strength Balance:
    • Evaluate your overall strength across different exercises and muscle groups.
    • A well-rounded strength profile is essential for overall fitness and injury prevention.
  • Psychological Factors:
    • Mental factors like motivation, focus, and determination play a role in achieving optimal performance.
  • Long-Term Progress:
    • Focus on your progress over time. Incremental improvements matter more than any specific weight lifted.
  • Individual Satisfaction:
    • Ultimately, your satisfaction with your bench press performance is a personal matter.
    • Feeling accomplished and proud of your achievements is a significant indicator of success.

Body Weight and Composition

When evaluating your bench press prowess, it’s crucial to account for your body weight and composition. The interplay between these factors can significantly impact your performance. Notably, your body weight directly influences the load you’re lifting during a bench press. 

However, delving deeper into body composition reveals a more nuanced perspective. The ratio of muscle to fat in your body plays a pivotal role. This ratio, often referred to as your body’s composition, offers a more accurate measure of your strength-to-weight ratio.

 Consequently, individuals with higher muscle mass and lower body fat might showcase a more impressive relative strength in the bench press. It’s important to recognize that while body weight is a key consideration, a comprehensive assessment should also consider factors like technique, overall strength balance, and individual goals.

Benchmarks and Perspectives

When thinking about the significance of a 120kg bench press, consider the bigger picture and different viewpoints. One good way is to check established strength standards, like national or international ones. These standards let you see how you measure up to others like you. Also, think about your own goals. Whether you’re after muscle growth, strength, or overall fitness, your goals affect how you see a 120kg bench press.

Remember, different training methods and fitness groups have different benchmarks. So, reaching for a 120kg bench press means looking at both objective standards and your own feeling of accomplishment.

Opinions from Experts

When considering the significance of a 120kg bench press, it’s smart to consult fitness experts. These pros, like trainers and coaches, offer insights based on science and experience. Linking your achievement to their views can give you a broader understanding. By tapping into their know-how, you get a thorough assessment beyond your own view.

Importance of Progression

Importance of Progression

In the realm of strength training, progression serves as a cornerstone for continuous improvement and optimal results. Linking each workout to the next through systematic advancement is essential. first achieved by gradually increasing the weight lifted or the number of repetitions, similarly, fostering consistent development.

 Consequently, As you incrementally challenge your muscles, they adapt and grow stronger over time. This interconnected process, often referred to as progressive overload, propels you towards higher levels of strength and performance. Recognizing the role of progression in shaping your fitness journey empowers you to approach each bench press and every workout with a forward-focused mindset.


How much weight should I bench press?

An adult man’s bench press is typically 1.4 times his body weight. The typical bench press for a female athlete aged 19 is 0.9 times body weight. Bench presses for males range from 81 kg (178 lb) to 156 lb (343 lb) and for women from 43 kg (95 lb) to 72 kg (158 lb), depending on the weight class.

How frequent is 135 bench?

Can 135 People Bench 135? Demographics Presented…

Despite the fact that only a tiny portion of women and roughly half of men can complete a 135-pound bench press on their first day at the gym, this statistic is less striking among people who have more expertise.

Why is my bench so inadequate?

If you are out of shape, utilizing poor form, exhausted from overtraining, or as a result of a poor diet, your bench press may weaken. 

Which max bench is the best?

Many weightlifters use their 1:1 mass-to-weight ratio for major exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses as a benchmark. This means that if you weigh 185 pounds, you can lift 185 pounds. According to the theory, if you can lift your own weight, you should be able to move and manipulate your body effectively in space.

How many people can bench 120kg?

The number of people who can bench press 120 kg varies significantly based on factors like training, genetics, and fitness levels. However, it’s safe to say that some individuals with substantial strength and experience could achieve this feat.


To the last, the evaluation of whether a 120kg bench press is judged “good” depends on a number of variables, including the person’s level of fitness, training background, and personal objectives. 

For many people, especially those who are relatively new to weightlifting or have intermediate training experience, a bench press of 120 kg is an astounding feat of strength. A 120 kg bench press, however, might be seen as a starting point for serious lifters looking to continuously improve their performance in the context of competitive powerlifting or advanced strength training.

According to fact, It’s key to keep in consideration that everyone has different fitness and strength goals. Strength training progression is a slow process, and what one individual may or may not consider to be “good” may not have the same connotations for another. Focusing on regular training, using the right form, and establishing attainable goals based on one’s own talents and objectives are essential. Whether a bench press of 120 kg is seen as good or not, the commitment and work made in one’s fitness journey are what matter most.

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