Editors Review The Campingaz Party Grill 400 Cv!

editors review the campingaz party grill 400 cv

The Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV earns high marks in our editor’s review. With its compact design and powerful 400-watt burner, it’s great for camping and outdoor cooking. The adjustable knob allows precise temperature control, ensuring perfect results. The grill’s versatility shines with multiple cooking surfaces, including a grill, griddle, and wok. Users love the easy setup, and its portability makes it a top choice. 

While some users mention a desire for a larger cooking surface, the Party Grill 400 CV stands out for its overall performance, durability, and excellent user experience, making it a recommended option for outdoor enthusiasts.

What Are The Key Features of the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV?

The Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV has a strong 400-watt burner for quick and precise cooking, with a BTU rating of around 13,692. It’s easy to use with Campingaz cartridges, making it a convenient choice for outdoor cooking fun.

Cooking Power

What Are The Key Features of the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV

The Cooking Power of the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV is a standout feature, with a robust 400-watt burner that translates to an impressive BTU rating of approximately 13,692. 

This substantial heat output empowers you to prepare a diverse range of dishes efficiently, whether you’re searing steaks, stir-frying vegetables, or grilling delicate fish. 

The grill ensures consistent heat distribution and precise temperature control, guaranteeing optimal cooking results.

Breaking down the performance capabilities based on the BTU rating

Heat LevelTemperature RangeIdeal Uses
Low Heat100-200°FSimmering sauces, melting cheese, food warming
Medium Heat300-400°FSautéing vegetables, cooking delicate fish, toasting bread
High Heat450-500°FSearing steaks, grilling chicken, browning burgers

It’s crucial to consider external factors such as ambient temperature, wind conditions, and the type of fuel used, as they can influence the specific heat achieved. 

Nevertheless, the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV consistently delivers ample power to cook food thoroughly and evenly, even when operating at lower heat settings.

Types of Fuel It Supports

The Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV is designed to operate with Campingaz CV300+ or CV470+ cartridges. These cartridges are readily available at most outdoor retailers and online stores, ensuring convenience and portability.

The cartridges utilize a butane-propane mix, specifically tailored for optimal performance in portable camping stoves and grills. This mix provides a clean and consistent burning flame, minimizing smoke and unwanted odors.

It’s important to use the designated Campingaz cartridges for optimal performance and safety. Avoid using other brands or types of fuel, as this can damage the grill and pose a potential hazard.

Here are some additional insights on the fuel efficiency of the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV

Fuel Consumption: A single CV300+ cartridge lasts approximately 2.5 hours at maximum heat, while a CV470+ cartridge offers around 5 hours of cooking time.

Preheating Time: The grill reaches cooking temperature quickly, typically within 5-10 minutes of ignition.

Flame Control: The adjustable knob allows for precise regulation of the flame, enabling you to achieve the desired heat for various cooking tasks.

In summary, the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV seamlessly combines impressive cooking power with efficient fuel consumption. 

Design and Portability

Size and Weight

The Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV strikes a perfect balance between cooking space and portability, measuring around 36cm in diameter and 42cm in height when set up. 

With a compact design for easy storage, its dimensions (assembled) make it an excellent choice for camping, picnics, and tailgating.

  • Dimensions (assembled): 36 cm (diameter) x 42 cm (height)
  • Dimensions (packaged): Ø 36 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 4.92 kg

Despite its small size, the grill provides ample cooking space with a 32cm diameter grill grate and griddle plate, suitable for serving groups of 6-8 people. The included wok accessory adds versatility to your outdoor cooking options.

Ease of Transportation and Setup

The Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV is designed for hassle-free portability and quick setup. Lightweight and foldable, it’s easy to carry, even on longer journeys. The grill conveniently folds flat and comes with a carry bag for compact storage in your car or RV.

Setup is tool-free, with easily foldable legs and secure snap-on cooking surfaces. The user-friendly instruction manual ensures straightforward assembly, even for beginners.

Additional Features for Portability and Setup

  • Locking Lid: Secures the grill during transit, keeping it clean and protected.
  • Integrated Wind Shield: Shields the flame from the wind, ensuring consistent cooking.
  • Piezo Ignition: Enables quick and easy lighting without matches or lighters.
  • Removable Drip Tray: Facilitates easy cleaning by collecting grease and drippings.

Overall, the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV’s compact and portable design, along with its lightweight construction, carry bag, and simple setup process, make it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize ease of use and portability.


Different cooking options (grilling, cooking, griddle)

The Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV stands out for its versatility, offering a wide range of cooking options beyond traditional grilling. This makes it a valuable tool for preparing a variety of delicious meals while camping, picnicking, or enjoying outdoor gatherings.

Grilling: The grill grate provides a perfect platform for searing steaks, burgers, chicken, and other grilled favorites. The ridges on the grate help create beautiful sear marks and allow excess fat to drain away, ensuring flavorful and healthy cooking.

Cooking: The included pan support allows you to use the grill as a stovetop for simmering sauces, boiling water, cooking pasta, and preparing a variety of dishes that require pots and pans. This expands the culinary possibilities and makes the grill a truly versatile cooking tool.

Griddle: The reversible griddle plate offers two distinct surfaces for even greater cooking flexibility. The flat side is ideal for cooking pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sandwiches, while the grooved side is perfect for searing vegetables, creating grill marks, and achieving a crispy texture.

Wok: The included wok attachment transforms the grill into a powerful wok cooker, allowing you to prepare stir-fries, stews, and other Asian-inspired dishes. This adds another dimension to your outdoor cooking repertoire and opens doors to exploring new culinary horizons.

Compatibility with various cookware

The Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV is designed to be compatible with a variety of cookware, further enhancing its versatility. The pan support accommodates standard pots and pans, allowing you to utilize your existing kitchen equipment for campfire cooking.

Here are some specific details about the cookware compatibility

  • Pan support: The adjustable pan support can accommodate pots and pans with a diameter of up to 26cm.
  • Flat griddle side: Designed for use with spatulas and griddle tools.
  • Grooved griddle side: Works well with grilling tongs and spatulas designed for flat surfaces.
  • Wok: Compatible with traditional wok utensils and spatulas.

It’s important to note that while the grill can accommodate various cookware, it’s recommended to use heat-resistant utensils and tools to avoid damaging the cooking surfaces.

How does the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV excel in performance and functionality?

The Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV is great at cooking just right with its precise temperature control. It’s also easy to use, durable, and simple to clean, making it perfect for outdoor cooking.

Cooking Experience

Temperature Control

Achieving culinary perfection begins with precise temperature control, a forte of the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV. Its adjustable knob allows for nuanced flame adjustments, ensuring the ideal heat for diverse cooking tasks.

From a gentle simmer at 100°F to a high-intensity sear at 500°F, the grill caters to various culinary needs.

The responsive knob enables smooth flame adjustments, ensuring consistent cooking results.

A built-in heat gauge provides visual temperature indications, adding an extra layer of control and confidence.

Evenness of Cooking

The art of even cooking is perfected by the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV through an efficient burner design and a heat diffuser plate.

A powerful 400-watt burner ensures even heat distribution, eliminating hot spots for consistently perfect results.

Employing a heat diffuser plate, the grill spreads heat uniformly across the cooking surface, preventing uneven cooking.

The grill’s diverse surfaces, including the grill grate, griddle plate, and wok, optimize heat distribution for specific cooking methods, enhancing overall evenness.


Quality of Materials

Crafted for endurance, the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV features top-tier materials designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

The grill body and cooking surfaces, constructed from durable stainless steel, resist rust, corrosion, and wear.

The grill grate, composed of cast iron, boasts excellent heat retention and even cooking properties.

Lightweight yet robust aluminum components, including the legs, ensure portability without compromising durability.

Longevity and Strongness

The Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV is built to last, thanks to its high-quality materials and sturdy construction.

Sturdy Build: Designed to withstand everyday use and unexpected bumps, the grill is tough and resilient.

Easy to Clean: Smooth stainless steel surfaces and removable parts make cleaning a breeze, preventing grease buildup and extending the grill’s life.

Weather-Ready: With weatherproof features, the grill thrives outdoors even in mild rain or wind.

Warranty Assurance: Backed by a 2-year warranty from Campingaz, ensuring confidence in the grill’s quality and dependability.

How does the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV enhance user experiences?

How does the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV enhance user experiences

The Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV makes outdoor cooking easy and enjoyable. With its portable design, different cooking options, and quick heating, users find it perfect for a great outdoor cooking experience.

Testimonials and User Reviews

The Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV has earned praise from a diverse user base, including seasoned campers and casual outdoor enthusiasts. Real user experiences shed light on the grill’s performance:

Positive Reviews

Sarah B., Camping Enthusiast

“This grill is a game-changer for camping! It’s compact yet powerful, offering multiple cooking surfaces for grilling, griddling, and even wok cooking. Easy to clean too!”

John D., Weekend Camper

“Surprisingly good! Perfect for two or three people, heats up quickly, and cooks evenly. Affordable and exceeded my expectations.”

Emily C., Outdoor Adventurer

“The best portable grill ever! Versatile, easy to use, and a breeze to clean. I’ve cooked everything from burgers to stir-fries with it.”

Common User Feedback

While most feedback is positive, users have shared some common points

  • Size Limitations: Some users desire a slightly larger cooking surface, especially when catering to larger groups.
  • Fuel Consumption: A few users note that the grill can be fuel-intensive, particularly at the highest heat settings.
  • Wind Sensitivity: Despite the wind shield, a few users faced challenges maintaining consistent heat in strong winds.

Despite minor limitations, the overall user experience with the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV is highly positive. Users appreciate its portability, versatility, ease of use, and excellent cooking performance. High marks for value and satisfaction make it a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

Addressing User Feedback

Campingaz values user input and has implemented improvements in newer Party Grill models. These updates include larger cooking surfaces, enhanced fuel efficiency, and improved wind resistance. 

Additionally, Campingaz offers accessories like larger windshields and additional fuel canisters to address specific user concerns, ensuring a continually enhanced outdoor cooking experience.


Can you cook pizza on Campingaz Party Grill 400?

Yes, the Campingaz Party Grill 400 is versatile enough to cook pizza. Its grill function and adaptability make it suitable for various culinary creations, including delicious outdoor pizzas.

Where are Campingaz BBQs made?

Campingaz BBQs are manufactured in France. The brand originated in France, and its products are crafted with precision and quality in mind.

Are Campingaz BBQs good?

Yes, Campingaz BBQs are generally well-regarded for their quality and performance. Known for innovation and durability, they often receive positive reviews from outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Is Campingaz French?

Yes, Campingaz is a French brand. It was established in 1949 and has since become a renowned name in the outdoor equipment industry, particularly for camping and barbecue products.

What gas is used in Camping Gaz?

Campingaz products, including the Party Grill 400, typically use a butane-propane mix. Specifically, the Campingaz CV300+ or CV470+ cartridges are commonly used as a fuel source for their portable stoves and grills.

Final thoughts

To sum it up, the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV is a great pick for outdoor fun, according to our editor’s review. It’s small but does a lot, letting you cook different things easily. Some folks wish it had a bit more space, but most people really like it.

It’s strong, easy to set up, and you can take it anywhere. So, if you want a good grill for outdoor cooking that’s tough and makes things simple, the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV is a smart choice!